Thank You for 33 Wonderful Years

Fitness Council of Jackson is now closed. However, our successful programs are still a valuable asset to the Jackson Community. The following organizations have taken over operations of these programs and are committed to continuing reliable service.


Armory Bike Union is now under the operation of Together We Can Make a Difference. They can be reached at 517-740-8444.


Girl Quest Boy Quest is now under the operation of the Jackson YMCA. They can be reached at 782-0537.


We would like to thank the many sponsors, partners, organizations and volunteers who have allowed our meaningful programs and advocacy efforts to become valuable assets to the Jackson community for the past 33 years. Working for this community, Fitness Council of Jackson has been involved in many projects and events over three decades. Notable projects include the Physical Educators Network, Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum, All Children Exercising Simultaneously, Project U-Turn, Walkable Communities Task Force, Smart Commute, Girl Quest Boy Quest, Armory Bike Union, New Year’s Eve Run, and the Glow Run. These projects have inspired changes in health and fitness for the residents of Jackson County.