Education Programs

Education - One of the main things that distinguishes the Armory Bike Union from a traditional bicycle shop is our strong emphasis on education. In order to create a vibrant bicycling culture in Jackson, we need to create educated cyclists. We do this through a variety of ‘education heavy’ programs and events. Classes are offered in bike functionality, maintenance, and safe riding, to both kids and adults. Upon completion of these classes, participants receive education, a bike, helmet, and lock. These classes are very popular and are an effective way to create bicycling culture in Jackson. Our statistics show that 60% of participants still use their bike 1 month after the class and we distribute over 100 bikes each year! Class costs vary based on participant qualifications. We work with numerous referral organizations throughout Jackson Country to offer free and reduced rates for class participants. Some referral organizations include:

- Jackson Interfaith Shelter


- Goodwill

- Salvation Army

- Local churches

Please call the Fitness Council to sign up and discuss these costs.


We will be posting dates of upcoming classes soon.  Check back in the next few weeks.


Youth class - This is a five-week class scheduled for Wednesday afternoons throughout the year. The class includes classroom, hands-on mechanical, and riding skill instruction for all youth, 10-17 years old.
There is a $25 fee for the five-week session, which includes a helmet, lock, and recycled bike. Scholarships are available through the referral partners listed above. Call the Fitness Council to get signed up!

Adult class - This is a one-time class available to adults 18 years and older. The class runs for 2 hours and involves lecture and hands-on based learning opportunities. A short, all-weather bike ride is a component of this class. The class is scheduled based on interest so please call the Fitness Council to get signed up!