Through a partnership between the Michigan Fitness Foundation, Michigan Nutrition Network, City of Jackson Parks & Recreation and the Jackson County Health Department; the Fitness Council of Jackson is helping area WIC (Women, Infants and Children Program) recipients learn more about local physical activity opportunities.  Rec-Connect's goal is to increase participation in a physically active lifestyle by connecting low-income families with free or low-cost activities in Jackson County.  

Monthly displays are posted in the Jackson County Health Department within the WIC clinic.  Jackson Parks & Recreation Catalogs and fliers promoting free or low-cost physical activity events are distributed to the clients.  At the Fitness Council, an easy, on-line directory and community-wide calendar of events provide a listing of activities and a variety of low and no-cost events to maintin a physically active lifestyle.

In addition, the Rec-Connect program offers FREE monthly WIC-Fit demonstrations.  These interactive demos give participants a chance to preview various fitness activities while motivating them to be active and stay fit.  A variety of FREE, WIC-Fit demonstrations are offered each month:

Fit Moms: A chance for mom to de-stress, socailize and energize!  These demonstrations are easy, fun and enjoyable and include exercise demonstrations such as water fitness, pre-natal & postpartum exercise, baby & me, hooping, zumba and more.  Come see how easy it is to be fit!


Mommy & Me: Children learn by example.  Join the fun with nature hikes, dance, swimming, tumbling, hooping, yoga and more.  When adults are active and healthy children will be too!


Active Living: Learn how physical activity can become part of your daily routine by choosing a healthier mode of travel like biking and walking.


Bike Right for Moms - Review bike styles, skills & safety, traveling with kids & groceries, and how to use a bike to get around town.


Walk Fit - Explore the essentials & benefits of walking and learn how to stay motivated, safe and healthy.


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To learn more about this month's FREE, WIC-Fit demonstrations visit our website at or call 517-990-9798 to register today!