Corporate Challenge


What is the Corporate Challenge?

The Corporate Challenge is a friendly competition between businesses to see who can get the most people to join the Smart Commute and stick with it.

The Corporate Challenge starts on Friday May 16th at the Smart Commute Kick-Off event. The next three events are held on the third Friday of the each month.  Your team is encouraged to participate in all of the Smart Commute events, tracking your commutes as you go.

How do you participate?

Register you business or organization as a team.  The person who registers a team commits to acting as the team captain.  We will help you recruit your co-workers to join and motivate them to keep at it through the summer.  We also provide an online Smart Commute Tracker to help you and your co-workers track your Smart Commutes.

How much does it cost?

There is a $25 registration fee for each team to join the Corporate Challenge. If you can’t get money for the registration, your team can still participate in the tracking and events, and team members will still get t-shirts.  But only registered teams can win the Corporate Challenge!

How do we win?

The team with the largest percentage of employees who Smart Commute regularly (at least once per month) is the Corporate Challenge Champion.  Teams are divided into leagues based on number of employees:

  • Mini:    2-10 employees
  • Small:    11-50 employees
  • Medium:    50-150 employees
  • Large:        More than 150 employees

Your Team’s Smart Commute Score is calculated as:
P(May) + P(June) + P(July) + P(August) / (Total Employees x 4)

Where “P” is the number of participants recording at least one smart Commute during that month.

New this year: Participation Bonus Points!
Teams will earn bonus points for each team member who participates in Smart Commute Day Events. Just sign in at the event and we'll award the points to your team. See the Calendar of Events for a full list. 

Ties in each league will be broken based on total number of Smart Commutes per employee.

What do we win?

The Champion in each league will earn the respect and envy of all the Challenge competitors, a certificate to flaunt their victory and their name will be inscribed on a bike rack placed in a prominent in the community.