Armory Bike Union

The Armory Bike Union (ABU) aims to build educated, confident bicyclists and bike culture in Jackson.  We offer a variety of workshops and classes. We also host volunteer bike recycling, space for the public to work on personal projects and fun bike events. 

The ABU started as a bike recycling program, and taking in donated bikes that volunteers fix up is still a big part of the ABU effort.  Each year, over 100 recycled bikes are given out, through Safe, Effective Cycling classes, to people in need of transportation.  Volunteer days are Mondays 4-8pm.

Open shop hours are even more popular.  We logged over 1,000 visitor hours working on bike projects in our shop last year.  On open shop days, the community is invited to use our tools, stands, and shop knowledge to work on their own bikes. It is a great way to learn how to keep your bike running smoothly and meet bike people.  Open shop hours are Wednesday 4-8pm and Saturday 10am - 2pm.

We hold cool bike events all year long.  Whether it is a Christmas Jingle Ride or a summer Hot Air Balloon Chase, a Bike-In Movie or a Community Bike Swap, we're always looking for a new and fun way to create a social biking experience.

We also offer Jackson Active Living maps, bike rental, and a library of loaner bikes for members.

Where we got our name

Armory: We are located in the old truck garage of the National Guard Armory.  Most armories hold equipment to supply military action.  But the ABU builds and stores tools that everyone can use- bikes!

Bike: The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the worlds most complicated problems.  And they are really fun to ride, too!

Union:  A ‘union’ is a common space where people come to meet people, work together and share ideas. Bike repair is only the tip of the iceberg.  We're aiming to build a community and culture of bicycling!

Open Hours

Shop hours are as followed:

Monday, 4pm-8pm Volunteer Night (no personal bike projects)

Wednesday, 4pm-8pm Open Shop

Saturday, 10am-2pm Open Shop 


The ABU doesn't have a street address, but this will get you close. Follow the link for a map of our exact location.  
104 Armory Ct.
Jackson, MI 49202