About Us

Fitness Council Mission

To lead our community to life-long physical activity

Vision of the Council

To increase active living by removing physical and social barriers.

Active Living by Design

The Fitness Council was founded in 1982 (originally called the Jackson County Wellness Committee) to promote events that improved the health and well-being of the Jackson community. Through the past three decades the Fitness Council has held a variety of events from health fairs to running races and supported local physical education teachers through the Physical Educators’ Network.

In 2002, the Fitness Council joined a growing movement nationally called “Active Living by Design” the movement focuses on creating communities where people can walk and bike to their destinations and fit physical activity into their daily routines. We agree with Richard Jackson, past director at the Centers for Disease Control, when he said “It is dishonest to tell our citizens to walk, jog, or bicycle when there is not a safe or welcoming place to pursue these ‘life-saving’ activities.”

The Fitness Council aims to promote an active lifestyle and create an environment that encourages and supports that lifestyle through a variety of programming and advocacy efforts.

In short, we are making it easy, safe and fun to be active in Jackson!