7 Health Benefits of Rollerstaking

Rollerskating has been one of the most loved sports among children. Who does not like wheels on their shoes which gives them superhuman speed boost without draining their stamina? Rollerstaking has existed since the 18th century, and since then there has been a tremendous change in its application. Today people use rollerblades for speed skating, which is a great way of exercising on itself. Here are some of the benefits of rollerskating which makes it a fun and effective sport.

A great cross-training exercise

Roller skating is as same as jogging when it comes to staying fit and controlling calories. It helps in the reduction of body fat and improved leg muscle strength. You can switch to skating instead of running and have the same results of keeping your body healthy.


Eases the joints

Running can actually apply lit of pressure on your joints with every jump made. Rollerskates can provide a much smoother experience which will prevent your joints from getting damaged. It will provide a similar motion and benefits  to running and dancing without dealing with any harsh impact on your joints.

Burns calories

An average man can burn around 10 calories every minute into rollerskating, and a woman can burn around 9 every minute. You can tirelessly burn 300 to 600 calories within an hour of roller staking around your block which is a great benefit of getting yourself a pair of rollerblades.

Improves the mood

Rollerskating also improves the mood of the person who is skating through the gardens and streets. One can enjoy some good music and sunlight while skating through the smooth streets of the city. It is a fun exercise which offers a little bit of thrill and fun while working out.

Helps the arms and legs

Rollerstaking has been said to improve the upper body and lower body strength at the same time. When the core and the arms balance the body over the roller skates, the lower body keeps the entire upper body weight running. It helps in better coordination between arms and legs, which prevents any injuries that can be caused by bad motor skills.

arms and legs

Body becomes agile

As mentioned above, the body can coordinate better. Rollerskating can improve the balance with the abdominal strength and lower back muscles as you maintain a steady core while skating. It improves the balance and leg movement helps in improving coordination.

Improves heart’s health

Rollerskating has also been recognized as an aerobic exercise which helps in strengthening the heart. According to research, a person on rollerskates has heart rate levels between 140 to 160 beats per minute, while at top speeds it can also reach around 180 beats per minute. This can help in improved blood circulation and heart health.


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